Joe Acosta

“My daughter and I have been blessed to have Ms. Lopez as our dietitian. She has changed my daughter’s life who has hoshimoto’s disease. Angie was more than informative, she is compassionate, caring about all her patients. She has forever changed my daughter’s life. Thank you, Angie.”

Terri Huber

“I am grateful to be introduced to primordial sound meditation lead by Angie Lopez. I have witnessed the beautiful transformation in her life, a result of daily meditation practice. As I was guided by Angie into primordial sound meditation, I felt her energy in a supporting and respectful way. I appreciate Angie’s understanding and awareness of meditation as well as her caring essence. I now notice my mind is calm the majority of the day rather than experiencing the overwhelming myriad of thoughts that used to be my reality. What a gift!”

Michelle Konstantarakis

“Angie made learning Primordial Sound Meditation so easy. This practice has allowed me to experience inner calm and deep relaxation. Angie is a true inspiration; she approaches the subject with a great depth of knowledge, experience and compassion. You are immediately connected to her as a teacher and the course was very spiritual. A fire of healing light and energy has been turned on and my thanks go out to her for gently leading my on this path of enlightenment.”

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