We are a group of 5 RDN’s, (Registered Dietitian Nutritionist). We specialize in diabetes education, meal planning and improving blood glucose levels. We have experience with all insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitoring systems and most glucometers on the market.

We also specialize in weight management and other nutrition related diseases such as hypertension, variety of cardiac abnormalities, celiac disease and nutritional deficiencies.

In most cases a referral is needed from your physician for medical nutrition therapy, which you can find under the “forms” tab on this website. Your nutrition provider within our group, is chosen by your current medical condition, laboratory results and prescribed medications.

Your Dietitian for Diabetes & Weight Control, LLC was founded in 2007, by Angie D. Lopez. It was her dream to be in private practice since she became a registered Dietitian in 1997.

Angie Lopez – Owner, President and Dietitian Provider

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I’ve always had a firm belief that we really are what we eat and that most disease can be traced back to one or more nutritional deficiencies. I am a real life example and strong believer that healing is possible through balancing the body, mind and spirit. I am originally from Chicago, Illinois. I studied Dietetics at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Illinois. I became a Registered Dietitian in 1995. In 2003, I moved to Las Vegas and began my career in diabetes education. I became a Certified Diabetes Educator in 2005. I started my private practice in order to provide medical nutrition therapy and diabetes education to clients in need of connecting the dots between food choices and disease outcomes. My reputation is the golden key in my business.

What lights my fire is to connect with others and inspire “light bulb” moments and internal shifts towards a healthier life. I am dedicating my professional life to be the bridge between Western and Eastern practices.

I have been meditating daily for over 5 years and gave myself the gift of studying meditation under Dr. Deepak Chopra.

I enjoy spending time with my son, walking my dog, scuba diving, painting, cooking, dancing to 80’s music, playing just dance and traveling to beach destinations. I am a vegetarian and my favorite food is Chicago pizza.

Shannon Leininger – Dietitian Provider

I am a Registered Dietitian and Health Educator originally from Kansas City, Missouri.  I attended the University of Missouri-Columbia, where I majored in Human Environmental Sciences with an emphasis on Nutrition and Fitness.  Upon graduation, I moved to Las Vegas to pursue my Master’s Degree in Health Promotion at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  After completing my Master’s, I realized I had been in school for 19 straight years and was ready for a change.  I have worked with all age groups, ranging from preschoolers to seniors, and enjoys educating each and every one of them.  I am passionate about empowering others to live a healthier life, enjoy focusing on all aspects of health, and believe that small steps can add up to make big differences.  In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and two dogs, working out, traveling, volunteering, baking, and rooting for my hometown sports teams–Go Chiefs, Royals, and Mizzou Tigers!

Charra Post-Dietitian Provider

I grew up in a small town in upstate New York. I completed my degree in Nutrition/Dietetics at Marywood University in Scranton, PA in 2006 and immediately moved out west to start my career in Los Angeles. After a year, I moved to Las Vegas and have been practicing Nutrition/Dietetics here, ever since. I spent about 8 years working in dialysis, so I am familiar with the consequences that come from uncontrolled Diabetes. I am excited to be able to provide counseling and motivation to clients to help them take control over their health NOW, rather than bare the consequences later in life.

Along with a love for nutrition, I also find great value in incorporating mental health into my practice. So often we find that mental health and diet are connected. If we are depressed, we eat. If we eat the wrong foods, we lose our physical health which leads to a decline in mental health. Over the years I have found a love for yoga. It has helped me a great deal with finding contentment and calm in my life. It has also done amazing things for my physical body. In 2015, I became a certified yoga teacher and am looking forward to combining yoga and meditation with nutrition in order to better address both the physical and mental aspects of health.

Some “fun facts” about me: I am addicted to sushi and eat it more often than I should. I love live music. Going to shows and listening to music is like therapy for me.

Geetha Krishnan – Dietitian Provider

I have practiced Nutrition/Dietetics for 25 years and the last 15 years as a Diabetes educator as well. Empowering my patients to make positive lifestyle changes to improve their health is of primary concern to me. I see education and communication as Key factors in bringing changes. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge/experience in bringing such desired outcomes.

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