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WELCOME — Thank you —-This is my FIRST post into the 21st century…..I am over 40 and just now learning social media. A recent devlopment I had has to do with BODY IMAGE —I am a breast C survior and I have finally completed ALL my treatments INCLUDING a breast re-constction. The “saving GRACE” during tALL the f-%$@!@*** reatments is thay you’re going to get beautiful, velopulous breasts that will REPLACE they breast tssue you AGREED to get rid of. Sorry to say this is Bull$##!^&%$!!!
My Breast reconstruction threw me into a serious depression that lasted 3 months. WHY ?? Hormones?? unrealistic expectations??, Delayed pain needing EXpression?? OR my beuatiful, rottweiler dying ???

It could have been ANY of these but what I realized was that I HATED myself for getting cancer and I was still (in my mind) plaqued by the EMBARASMENT that creeps up at unexcpected times as a reminder tht you SUCK!!!… that your life span is most likely “shortened” and IF you listen to feienda of friends —the success rate of chemo actually really SUX and you will die reallt soon, a really bad death.

MY saving grace is MEDITATION, I learned Primordial Sound Meditation PRIOR to my diagnosis. I had many amazing moments when I truley felt my own presence, which brought me to tears of gratiitude JUST to be ALIVE. I learned this “secret’ AND it transformed my life instantly. …….

I INVITE YOU to invest in yourself to get  NEW tool —-one in which you already KNOW —it’s there and I AM here to remind you of what you already KNOW!!!!!!!

So my story, it has a happy ending—-because of FASHION. I went through an INTENSE program called the style within which made me face my ideas/agreemments about my “new” physical body. I PAID money every time I had a negative thought, I let go —-the baggage that clutters love– I decided to LOVE myself!! LOVE the pieces that were left. To LOVE the moments, the ideas, of SURRENDER!!!! _ God has my BACK—halejiah!!! I AM safe and I AM living my purpose an that truly is ALL I need///

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